Kenny Says Fans Driving 2016 Production

After only 57 dates, Kenny found himself the only country artist making Billboards Top 5 Touring Acts of 2015 for the Big Revival Tour. Of course, that shouldnt be surprising when considering the man who began headlining NFL Stadiums in 2005 and what makes him always among the Top 5 tours every year is one thing: the fans.

This year, the No Shoes Nation was at a whole new level in terms of the energy they threw at us, Kenny says. Every night when the screen would drop, when theyd hear the music, they almost knocked us back a few feet. Thats powerful and we found ourselves talking about it after the shows a lot of nights."

Kenny's Big Revival 2015 tour played to the third highest number of fans this year, a whopping 1,335,022. He believes the key to continuing to attract those numbers is really taking in what the fans give him and the band, and always reflecting that back.

It spoke pretty loudly to me as we were looking at renderings, thinking about the tricks. Because in the end, it was the music and the moment they were responding to not the flying, not the lasers, not the videos, but the songs. So when we got to decision-making we all realized: what the No Shoes Nation really wants is the music.

Pausing, he continues, So this year, we are as lean as weve ever been! The stage is clean. Nobodys flying. The sound is building on last years incredible system and the lights are going to be really focused on making the music stand out. I want as little between me and the fans as possible, and I think weve managed to achieve that in a really good way. Its going to be more intense than ever, but its going to be about the songs, the band, the moment and the energy we give each other. This is going to be a year to remember and weve not played the first note.

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