Kenny's creative roll over the last few months defies conventional business wisdom, but it seems to be igniting a whole other spark. After writing, recording and releasing Noise in a matter of 11 days and delaying the follow-up to his acclaimed The Big Revival until October 28 to accommodate Setting the World On Fire, featuring pop superstar P!NK Kenny went on Good Morning America and surprised the hosts with a brand new title for his forthcoming album: Cosmic Hallelujah.

The more I listened, the more these songs energy especially Setting The World On Fire took hold, Kenny said. Some Town Somewhere is a great title, and its every single one of us. But then theres how the album fits together, and even expands on what the last album did. So, I could go with what was already in place, or I could grab the title that felt the most right.

In the end, these album titles are around for a very long time. I really try to have titles that give people a sense of what the music is, and what the album is all about. There sure is a lot of Some Town Somewhere for sure, but really when I pulled back and listened: these songs are all about taking The Big Revival to the next level; that level is Cosmic Hallelujah.

Juxtaposing the reality in which we live with the power we have over how we react to it, and creating joy in the frenzy gives Cosmic Hallelujah its charge. With Noise capturing the world so many are caught up in through information addiction, tech dependence and fear-based/sensation-driven media, Kenny seeks to harness the urgency of striving and white noise overload; at the same time, he has balanced the album with the notion of working hard and unwinding to maintain ones balance. Our relationships, moments and laughter, thats what gives life and music -- its meaning.

The new title was news to Chesneys team. For the increasingly in-the-moment performer, whose Spread the Love 2016 Tour hits 14 major stadiums, that flash of immediacys driving his most recent creative endeavor.

Cosmic Hallelujah lands October 28. Chesneys Spread The Love Tour runs through August 26-27 when it wraps up at Bostons Gillette Stadium. In between, look for a whole lot of music.

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