Kenny returns to GOOD Morning America for the Summer Concert Series

If its summer, it must be time for Kenny to Spread the Love across Americas breakfast tables -- as he teams with his friends at ABCs Good Morning America. This Friday (7/8), Kenny will take the stage in Central Park as part of GMAs annual Summer Concert Series.

Music is medicine, Chesney says. It does so much good for people. You can find your life, your truth and yes, your fun in it. Thats one of the things that drew me to music, and its one of the best things about being out on the road: seeing all the people, hearing them sing and cheer and you can tell how much fun theyre having. The fact music can do that, well, thats part of why playing Good Morning America is such a great thing: get peoples day off to a great start, and let them take that music with them.

Look for Kenny Chesney and his band tomorrow morning on ABCs Good Morning America. Their Summer Concert Series airs LIVE from Central Park.