Kenny made a video to match the reality-slamming urgency of Noise, the first single from Some Town Somewhere. Filled with quick cuts, slices of technology, talking heads, fashion models, vintage images, Donald Trump, a Kardashian and people yelling, he was looking for somewhere to debut the groundbreaking clip where the cacophony he was trying to capture would truly be understood. There was only one choice:

They have been the cultural and societal touchstone since I was a kid, Kenny explains, and that gives them the gravitas to reflect what Shaun and I were trying to capture in the song. This is not political, so much as social... if you want to get people to take it all in, to step back and really reflect, lets put the video at the heart of where people who sort those things are.

...all in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shots. It's almost like the music video equivalent of a Jackson Pollock painting: the busiest piece of art you've ever seen, with a million different strokes merged together into one beautifully chaotic theme, offers in their exclusive web-only feature around the clip, which debuted this morning.

Written en route to a marketing meeting for the original single from Some Town Somewhere, Chesney felt the song so captured the current moment. It was recorded 36 hours later and the set-up was scrapped just two weeks before street date. The result? Noise became the most added song of the songwriters career.

For Kenny, who is always a groundbreaker, this unconventional move teaming with a platform of publication websites was prompted by wanting to reach a variety of different audiences.

With the 2016 Spread the Love Tour underway, Kenny is gearing up for a big summer. Some Town Somewhere lands July 8. Get tickets for the Spread the Love Tour HERE