"Save it for a rainy day" sets Billboard Airplay record


For Kenny, his year spent focusing on music is proving to be one of the best decisions of his career. Save It For A Rainy Day, the fourth consecutive No. 1 single from The Big Revival, has now topped Billboards Country Singles Chart for the third consecutive week and reached No. 1 on Mediabase today.

I knew I wanted to do something different musically, and say something more, Kenny explains. I think the audience is hungry for songs that speak to their lives, the way they actually live them And one thing I think everyone needs sometimes is perspective. Save It For A Rainy Day is that kind of song: the suns too bright and the skys too blue/ beers too cold to be thinking about you reminds you that you can decide what youre gonna focus on.

But that anyones fourth single is a three week No. 1? Thats almost unheard of. And that it happened with The Big Revival? Thats everything Id hoped when I spent all that time: music thats medicine, that gives people what they need to really dig in and live their lives!

Along with multiple record-breaking Big Revival Tour stops, Kenny just broke another record: setting a new high audience mark on Billboards Country Airplay Chart. Save It For A Rainy Day written by Matthew Ramsey and Brad Tursi -- notched over 51 million impressions, and its still spinning.

People underestimate the power of music to capture peoples lives and get them through things, Kenny says. More than anything, thats what I wanted The Big Revival to do. Sitting here, hearing this news, I feel like maybe we got there.