"Save it for a rainy day" video premieres at People.com


Kenny's graced more People covers than any current country artist and when it was time to find a partner to debut Save It For A Rainy Day, People seemed a natural fit. Not only for the length of the relationship, but the message the song contains.

I think the biggest thing that binds us all together, Kenny says, is the way life stacks up, things go wrong and you sorta lose your perspective. I live in a world of responsibility, I think we all do so you can be so busy figuring out what you did wrong or why its your fault, you miss the beauty of the world, how great life really is! Whatevers wrong isnt going anywhere dont worry. But that great sunset? Your friends big accomplishment? Just getting out on the lake on a pretty day? Those things dont last; theyre moments and theyre meant to be enjoyed. To me, the people reading People understand that, so what better place to go?

People.com is live with the video now. They not only have a 48-hour window of exclusivity for the clip that captures Kenny's outlook in action, they will also feature content about the clip in this weeks magazine.

Watch the video HERE