Kenny Drops Save It For A Rainy Day


Having gone three-for-three with No. 1 singles from The Big Revival, Kenny knew he wanted his next single to do some very specific things.

Its a hard choice, says Kenny, because theres a lot songs on this record I think would sound great on the radio, that speak to the No Shoes Nation. But Save It For A Rainy Day we can all use. The idea is, why lose another beautiful day over something out of our control? Whatever it is, a girlfriend leaving, a crummy boss, something else, the reality is pretty simple: they dont care that theyre ruining your day. And theyre not, you are! Its your choice how youre going to feel a lot more than any of us realize.

Save It For A Rainy Day, written by Andrew Dorff, Matt Ramsey and Brad Tursi, is a mid-tempo picking up where trouble recedes. Its chiming acoustic guitar and a loping beat is vintage Kenny, who is warm-voiced, intimate, yet resolved.

We all go through stuff, Kenny laughs. And you know, you can get so caught up in what I did wrong, or trying to take the blame, and you start missing out on everything else We all make mistakes, we all screw up, but were also I think most of us good people trying to do right, and have some fun while were here! Friends, family, the moments, thats the stuff thats so easy to miss, and this song makes it so easy to figure out.

With shows at Clevelands Q on July 9 and a massive play at Philadelphias Lincoln Financial Field -- being documented for a special report on an upcoming Good Morning America July 11, Kenny isnt saving anything for a rainy day!

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