Kenny Visits First Coastal Conservation Reefs


Kenny got to do something very special before his sold-out show June 14: he visited the first two No Shoes Reefs in Jacksonvilles St. John River. Named the Coastal Conservation Association and George Holt Reefs, the man-made reefs designed to promote quality of aquatic life were built through the support of Kenny's ongoing partnership with Costa Del Mar Sunglasses and The Coastal Conservation Association/Building Conservation Trust.

Its so easy to take the oceans and waterways for granted, Kenny says. What they were able to create here says a lot about the ways man can live not just in harmony, but supporting our natural aquatic resources. Beyond clean water, it is about supporting healthy marine life... and that includes being aware of the impact of erosion under the water.

Easily accessible by boats, the reefs provide a much-needed habitat and improved fishing in this section of the river, which is approximately 20 miles inland from the Atlantic. Drawing inspiration from life on the water, Kenny hopes to insure the future of the oceans and beaches for generations to come.

Looking at the underwater sonar, its amazing, Kenny says. In only 18 months, these reefs arent just alive, theyre thriving with life."

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