Kenny Tackles Lambeau Field


The flooring and stage started being built Monday. The traffic advisories began Wednesday. When Kenny rolled into historic Lambeau Field Saturday, June 20, Green Bay was more than ready for The Big Revival Tour.

Throughout 24 songs, the night was all surging energy and riotous applause, from the giant No Shoes Nation Skull & Crossbones waving during Pirate Flag to Kenny Greenbergs searing guitar solo on Somewhere with You.

Bringing out surprise guest Grace Potter, they launched into Wild Child as a sea of hand-lettered placards were thrust into the air. It was followed by a particularly heart-tugging You And Tequila, all whispered regret and desire.

As You And Tequila faded, a 5-tiered cake was rolled from the wings down the T, along with a giant margarita. Kenny then led the crowd of 53,363 strong through singing Happy Birthday to his frequent duet partner.

Later in the set, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy joined Kenny for the set closing celebration of high school heart and spirit The Boys of Fall. After signing a Packers helmet, Mike and Kenny gave the special memento to a young girl.

Some nights are just magical, Kenny said later. That show was like an out of body experience: the crowd was right there with us The band was so hot and in the zone I felt completely connected to everyone in the stadium. Its the kind of night you hope for every time, and spend your whole career chasing: nights when the songs, the fans, the band and you are one.

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