Kenny and Band Gear Up For Tour


Its not just baseball players shaking off the off-season. As the sports biggest stars gear up for the Major and American League Baseball season, Kenny is bringing his band together for their first musical rehearsals in over two years.

Before The Big Revival Tour kicks off with a sold-out two night stand in Nashville, Kenny and his band are locking down for four weeks of solid rehearsal. Nearly two-dozen NFL-sized stadiums will be part of this years tour and Kenny's prepared to bring one of his biggest and best performances yet.

Ive always said were a lot like a baseball team, Kenny says. Were six months on, six months off... and a lot of time to get ready. But you know, when its all heart and so physically demanding, theres really no other way to do this."

"When we rolled into Pensacola last year for the FloraBamaJama, I was amazed how well we all came together," Kenny added. "But it also showed how hungry everybody was to play. I knew when we all got back together, it would rock. So I cant wait to get into the room with everybody.

Having spent a year creating The Big Revival, Kenny has been able to devote the same amount of time to crafting this years show. Fans can look forward to a tour full new songs, old songs and some great surprises.

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