"Wild Child" Video Gets A Multi-Platform Debut


Kenny's latest single, Wild Child, celebrates the essence of a womans free spirit, and Kenny created the music video to reflect the life, love and beauty that shines through a woman from the inside out.

To debut the video, Kenny didnt want to merely throw it out there. So working with Good Morning America, where he announced his 2015 The Big Revival Tour, and USA Today, he found ways to give Wild Child a multi-platform debut.

Yesterday, Ginger Zee with ABC's Good Morning America gave viewers a sneak peek of the clip, showing the majesty of the Hawaii most people never see. Today, USA Today debuted the full video for Kenny's fans.

Kenny captured the video with longtime creative collaborator Shaun Silva and good friend/songwriter Gretchen Rhodes. Wild Child is a love letter to a woman in full who is committed to living life on her terms, and the video showcases it against a beautiful Hawaiian backdrop.

Maybe its sitting on a mountain, going back to school, traveling the world, Kenny says. But it is a song about any woman so hungry to engage life, she spends her days trying to taste it all... You dont have to be a gypsy to be a free spirit, but just someone so in love with life, you will never get enough. To see a woman like that is a pretty amazing thing.

Watch the video for "Wild Child" HERE