Arkansas native hit by Hurricane Irma in St. John will also be hit by Hurricane Maria

SOURCE: KATV.COM by Kimberly Rusley 

Tuesday, September 19th 2017 

FAYETTEVILLE (KATV) — An Arkansas native is waiting in suspense as her home on the island of St. John sits in the path of Hurricane Maria, after being hit by Hurricane Irma days ago.

Kara Taylor, originally from Pine Bluff, took pictures of boats thrown ashore and homes exposed.

Taylor says her house only had a few broken windows, but when she looked around her community the destruction was astonishing.

"Every single tree on the island is bare," said Taylor. "There are no leaves left. All of the power lines are down."

Taylor, speaking with Channel 7 via FaceTime, eventually flew out of St. John on country singer Kenny Chesney's private plane.

But not long after dealing with Irma, there's another threat.

She now has to worry about fighting the fury of Hurricane Maria, now a category 5 storm expected to hit Tuesday night.

"One of the main concerns we have with Maria coming in is a lot of the vegetation that might've helped prevent landslides is gone," said Taylor.

Taylor points out while there's a lot of focus on Florida and its hurricane recovery efforts, don't forget about the islands.

"I almost feel like we're treated like speed bumps sometimes," Taylor said.

She stresses the need for relief efforts now and in the coming days.

"What it takes to get us back up and running is a lot more effort; a lot less infrastructure to get us back up and running," said Taylor.

Another blow for Taylor is the fact that she captains a ship on the island and won't be able to work for weeks.

She encourages people who want to help to donate through these websites: