Kenny Chesney


Jennifer Beth Smith @JennyBeth326

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I am a wonderful person who just happens to be a redneck tomboy country girl. From Powderly, KY, Muhlenberg County home of the Legends. I have a dream of becoming a country music artist to give my daughter a better life. I am a member of The Kentucky Country Music have always been an inspiration to are an amazing ENTERTAINER and just an amazing man!!! I hope to be able meet and perform with you someday!!!! I won the Horizon award for vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year during the Kentucky Country Music Association competitions. Next stop the NACMAI March 12-18 in Pigeon Forge TN.....I got to finally perform with a live band at The VFW in Madisonville, Hopkins County, Ky last night!! I felt truly blessed to be able to sing country music straight from my heart. I ALWAYS HAVE LOVED SINGING COUNTRY MUSIC!!! It brings intense joy to my heart to be able to express my love and appreciation for each and every person there!!