A Special Message from Kenny about Life on a Rock

Hey, Guys...   By now you know, we're coming...Hey, Guys...

  By now you know, we're coming...

  for another summer, another round of remembering what music means, being together and making memories...

  Me & the guys are so ready!

  I love that you're loving "Pirate Flag" as much as I did when I heard it. Pretty much says it all about a whole lot of life, right?

  Life. You've shared so much of yours with me and my music, and I can't wait to get the next record out to you. It's snapshots of places I've been, people I've loved and moments I wish I could bottle up. Kind of like the album cover... literally, pictures from my life.

  It's called Life On A Rock. It looks at where I've been, what I've learned and hopefully how we grow. I can't share the music for a bit, but here's the cover. It's a lot like this record actually sounds!

  Until we find you on the road, or in your car, or on the beach

  Be As You Are,

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